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With colder winter weather on its way -- not to mention the busy holiday season -- pets need a little extra loving care. Below are some precautions you can take to ensure a happy holiday season for the furry members of your family.

Beware the Elements

* Keep pets inside when the temperature drops. Cats can get frostbite and should be kept indoors year-round. Many dog breeds, such as greyhounds, are also highly susceptible to the cold.

* Make sure antifreeze is inaccessible, and clean up any spills in your garage immediately. Antifreeze has a sweet taste animals find irresistible, but it can be deadly if swallowed.

Give Thanks, Not Turkey Bones

* Keep turkey, ham or any other leftover bones away from pets. Bones can tear or obstruct your pet’s intestinal tract.

* Don’t “stuff” your pets. Found in abundance in turkey stuffing, onions can destroy a dog’s red blood cells, leading to anemia. In addition, rich, fatty foods like turkey skin or gravy can cause pancreatitis in animals.

Decorate With an Eye for Safety

* Keep enticing tinsel, ribbons and garlands away from pets. If ingested, these can become lodged in animals’ intestines, causing life-threatening obstructions.

* Secure or cover light cords to deter chewing. Pet-proof extension cords are an even better way to make sure your pet does not shock or electrocute himself.
Give the Gift of Life

Adopt a new friend.

* If you’re thinking of bringing a pet home for the holidays, remember to adopt from your local shelter or a breed-specific rescue group. That way, you can gain a new best friend and save a life.

* Donate to help save homeless pets. If you can't adopt a pet yourself, you can still make a difference. 9 Lives and American Humane are committed to rescuing the millions of abandoned and homeless cats in shelters across the country. 9 Lives Morris' Million Cat Rescue is currently on a nationwide tour to facilitate the adoption of 1 million cats. Partnering with local snimal shelters in top markets across the country, 9 Lives has already placed more than 600,000 felines in loving homes.

Source: American Humane e-newsletter


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